GeoUtrecht 2020 - Sessions online!

Die DGGV und die PalGes laden zur gemeinsamen Jahrestagung nach Utrecht (Niederlande) vom 24. - 26. August 2020. (Abstracts bis 16. Juni 2020)

DGGV (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung; German Geological Society) is proud to invite you to the GeoUtrecht 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition under the theme "EARTH – Treasures, Threats, Transitions" to be held on 24–26 August 2020 at the campus of the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

In 2020, the conference is organized in collaboration with: KNGMK (Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap – The Dutch Geological Society), PalGes (Paläontologische Gesellschaft – The German Paleontological Society), EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers). The involved societies are grateful to the Faculty of Geosciences at the University of Utrecht which is hosting the annual conference. DGGV is honored to head back to The Netherlands for the first time in more than a decade.

The meeting looks to attract an international audience of some 800 geoscientist. DGGV's annual conference continues as one of the most popular events for the community in the heart of Europe with a tradition of delivering a strong technical program with keynote speakers from around the world, networking opportunities and activities that create a valuable forum for our geoscience community.

For more Information:

Sessions are now online: Sessions GeoUtrecht 2020

Section 2 – Earth Evolution

Theme 2.1 – Understanding the multi-scale past climate and environmental evolution (climate change in the deep time, paleo-oceanography, paleo-environments)
2.1.1 Latest Achievements in Scientific Ocean and Continental Drilling
2.1.2 The imprint of astronomical climate forcing: geochronometer and paleoclimate archive
2.1.3 Proxy applications in restricted basins
2.1.4 Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange – The conjunction between the low
and high latitude climate systems

Theme 2.2 – Understanding the past biostratigraphy (paleontology, palynology,
paleobotany, geobiology and event stratigraphy)

2.2.1 Mammalian adaptation and evolution throughout the Cenozoic
2.2.2 Biostratigraphy of South Caspian Quaternary deposits
2.2.3 Micropalaeontology
2.2.4 New absolute age for Ediacaran fauna of Ukraine: update of biostratigraphic niche for ancient soft-bodied organisms
2.2.5 Palaeobotany and Palynology
2.2.6 Quantitative palaeobiology
2.2.7 Interdisciplinary perspectives on modern foraminiferal research
2.2.8 Transitions in Earth history and biotic changes

Section 6 – Earth data, education, society and open topics in Earth System:

Theme 6.1 – Databases and infrastructure (data management, shared infrastructure programmes, open data, data sharing platforms, software)
6.1.1 Research data and software management in times of FAIR and Open Data
6.1.2 Working on the roads: improving the infrastructure for research into
geo-societal challenges

Theme 6.2 – Early Career Researchers, education, training and society (advanced teaching systems, training networks, efficiency in societal relevance, transferrable skills)
6.2.1 Early Career Researcher session
6.2.2 Concepts, practice and future of research data and software literacy
6.2.3 Higher education teaching and outreach in Geosciences

Abstracts Deadline: 16. June 2020


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