Fossil of the Year 2020

It is one of the most famous fossils in the world. It originates from the 150 million year old platy limestones of Bavaria. From the beginning the great importance of these fossils for evolutionary research was recognized:

The animal combines reptile and bird characteristics, thus proving the phylogenetic origin of the birds, whose direct ancestors were predatory dinosaurs of the Earth's Middle Ages. Archaeopteryx has been honoured many times, e.g. as a motif on a 10-euro coin or on stamps, and is now also named Fossil of the Year by the Paläontologische Gesellschaft. Fossils like Archaeopteryx show that our science - palaeontology - can never do without well-preserved fossils with unique features to shed light on the history of life.

The fossil of the year 2020 was unveiled by our president Prof. Hans Kerp on 9. January at the reopening of the Jura Museum Eichstätt. Prof. Oliver Rauhut gave a lecture on this topic.

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Photo: Jura-Museum Eichstätt

More information about the Fossil of the Year can be found here.


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