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Research Fellowship, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Research Fellowship in Data-Driven Life Science in Biodiversity and Evolution

The Swedish Museum of Natural History

Work tasks
NRM is looking to fill the position as DDLS fellow in Biodiversity and Evolution. The subject area concerns research that takes advantage of the massive data streams offered by techniques such as high-throughput sequencing of genomes and biomes, continuous recording of video and audio in the wild, high-throughput imaging of biological specimens, and large-scale remote monitoring of organisms or habitats. This research subject area aims to lead the development or application of novel methods relying on machine learning, artificial intelligence, or other computational techniques to analyze these data and take advantage of such methods in addressing major scientific questions in evolution and biodiversity.

More specifically, at NRM this research will be aimed at developing a deeper and dynamic understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem change, and to enable predictions on environmental change on global and local ecosystems. This research comprises analyses of, and/or developing methods to analyse, large-scale datasets within biodiversity or evolution. The scientific topics comprise the development and evolution of life, biodiversity, human evolution, environmental research or landscape ecology. From a methodological perspective, examples of such research include analyses of large-scale data within phylogenetics, population genetics or metagenomics, as well as image analysis or research on morphological and distributional data.

Last application date: 05/09/2021

More information can be found here.

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