Corresponding members of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft

The following persons were appointed corresponding members of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft. They act as multipliers of the society's goals in international exchange.

Corresponding members

(listed after awarding year)

2018 Prof. Dr. Xing-liang Zhang (Xi'an/PR China)
2017 Prof. Dr. Yong-dong Wang (Nanjing/PR China)
2015 Dr. habil. Andrzej Kaim (Warsaw/Poland)
  Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Hess (Basel/Switzerland) † 2017
2014 Prof. Dr. Stjepko Golubic, (Boston, Mass./USA)
2013 Prof. Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo (Chicago, Ill./USA)
2011 Prof. Dr. Werner E. Piller (Graz/Austria)
2010 Prof. Dr Phillip D. Gingerich (Ann Abor, Mich./USA)
  Prof. Dr. Euan N. K. Clarkson (Edinburgh/Great Britain)
2009 Prof. Dr. Else Marie Friis (Stockholm/Sweden)
  Prof. Dr. David Bruton (Oslo/Norway)
2008 Prof. Dr. Derek E. G. Briggs (New Haven, Conn./USA)
2007 Prof. Dr. Kenneth D. Rose (Baltimore, Md./USA)
2005 Dr. Andrew B. Smith (London/Great Britain)
2004 Prof. Dr. William A. Clemens (Berkeley, Calif./USA)
2003 Prof. Dr. Patrick De Deckker (Canberra/Australia)
2002 Prof. Dr. Lukas Hottinger (Basel/Switzerland) † 2011
2001 Prof. Dr. Oldřich Fejfar (Prague/Czech Republic)
2000 Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Gall (Strasbourg/France)
1999 Prof. Dr. Antonietta Cherchi (Cagliari/Italy)
1988 Prof. Dr. Preston Cloud (Santa Barbara, Calif./USA) † 1991
1986 Prof. Dr. Vladimír Pokorný (Prague/Czech Republic) † 1989
1985 Prof. Dr. Wladimir W. Menner (Moscow/UdSSR) † 1989
1984 Prof. Dr. Raphaël Conil (Leuven/Belgium) † 1990
1964 Prof. Dr. Roman F. Hecker (Moscow/UdSSR) † 1991
  Prof. Dr. Ivan Rakovec (Ljubljana, Yugoslavia) † 1985
1963 Prof. Dr. Adolf Remane (Kiel/Germany) † 1976
1926 Alexei N. Sewertzoff (Moscow/UdSSR) † 1936
  Max W. C. Weber (Eerbeek, Netherlands) † 1937
  Arthur Smith Woodward (London/Great Britain) † 1944

compiled/revised by M. Reich, 09/2018


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