Membership in the Paläontologische Gesellschaft

Support the Paläontologische Gesellschaft with your contribution in its work for research and the public.

Yes, I want to become a member of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft!

As a member you receive:

  • all issues of the PalZ - Paläontologische Zeitschrift (currently 4 x per year)
  • online access to the last 10 volumes of the PalZ - Paläontologische Zeitschrift
  • GMIT newsletter (currently 4 times a year) with up-to-date information on important developments, activities and events in the geosciences
  • reduced fees for participation in the annual conference
  • opportunity for exchange between over 1000 palaeontologists, collectors and other interested parties
  • as a student the opportunity to make important contacts with experienced colleagues and "old hands"

Please note that as of 2019, an additional fee of € 10.00 will be charged in addition to the annual fee for DVGEO.

Types of membership

Any private person or any legal entity (libraries, institutes, companies) who wishes to support the aims of the Society with a contribution can become a personal member of the Society.

The membership fee depends on the type of membership. The contribution is payable in advance by the end of the 1st quarter of a year by bank transfer, direct debit, credit card or an electronic payment system (PayPal).

The membership fee is tax deductible as a donation. You will receive annual financial statements, which also serve as donation receipts.

We offer the following memberships */**:

Type of membershipAnnual fee from 01.01.2014applicable to
Full membershipEUR 75,-all legal entities
StudentsEUR 35,-Pupils and students up to a maximum of 20 semesters (proof required)
PhD studentsEUR 45,-for doctoral students without employment (proof required)
PensionersEUR 50,-Members over the age of 65 (proof required)
Institute membershipEUR 100,-Research institutes and public institutions, libraries
Corporate MembershipEUR 150,-Commercial facilities
SpouseEUR 35,- 
In individual cases special reductions are possible, please contact the treasurer directly

* Membership is valid for 1 year and is automatically renewed for a further year unless written notice of termination is given in writing by 30.9. of the current year. Since 1.1.2019, 10,- for DVGeo are charged in addition to the annual fee. ** Memberships that are concluded in the current year are valid retroactively for the current year. The already published issues of the PalZ - Paläontologische Zeitschrift and GMIT of the current year will be sent to you.


For members who wish to make outstanding financial contributions to the Society and thus to palaeontological research, we offer the following supporting memberships. The contributions mentioned here are the respective minimum contributions, contributions exceeding this are welcome and can be made at any time.

Type of membershipAnnual feevalid for/ special performance
Supporting member250,- EUR

all legal entities; mention by name in the members' area of the websites, as well as "sponsor" for special publications and in the conference proceedings

Advertising member500,- EURcommercial institutions or commercially active persons; placement of the logo on the website of PalGes with link
Perpetual member

onetime contribution

5.000,- EUR

all legal entities; unlimited, perpetual membership, award at the annual meeting, certificate of appointment, and entry in the "Golden Book" of the Society


We offer you more than that:

  • Mention by name as supporting member in the member area of the website
  • Mention by name as sponsor in all special publications that appear in the membership year, as well as in the proceedings of the annual meeting
  • preferential consideration for special member offers (still under construction)


Honorary membership can be awarded to members who have rendered outstanding services to the Society or palaeontology. Furthermore, the Society appoints corresponding members who act as multipliers of the Society's objectives in international exchange.

Honorary members and corresponding members are free of charge; membership is for life. Honorary members are also honoured by being named in the archives of the Society.

Type of membershipAnnual feeDuration / Requirements
Honorary Membershipnon-contributoryunlimited / perpetual membership is granted by resolution of the managing board to members who have made special contributions to the Society or palaeontology
Appointment as corresponding membernon-contributoryfor life / by decision of the board of directors to members who act as international multipliers of palaeontological issues



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Fax: 069 / 400 3019 74
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